Why Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is Good for Kids

1.     No continual comparison to other kids their age. Without the continual comparison afforded by being in school all day, kids are more free to be themselves.

2.     Time to explore interests.  With the one-on-one tutoring style of the homeschool environment, kids are generally able to finish their studies much quicker – allowing more time for exploring interests.

3.     One-on-one teaching. One-on-one teaching allows individualized instruction that meets kids where they are at allowing them to push ahead or stay back, if necessary.

4.     Homeschooled kids tend to think more independently.  Kids to be independent thinkers, better able to discern truth.

5.     Individualized education means less boredom.  Not that kids are never bored but teaching them in ways that they learn best do tend to keep their interests more than a dry textbook approach.

6.     Homeschooling allows kids to be sheltered from some realities such as school bullies, weapons and violence, illicit sex and troubled kids.


Homeschooling is Good for Moms

7.     Can really know their kids.    Painful as that can be sometimes, being around our kids all day long does afford us a unique vantage point to view their hearts.

8.     Can teach with the methods that work foreach child.  Varying teaching methods is not only good for kids, it is good for moms, bringing more effective and enjoyable teaching.

9.     Can relax and learn together.  In true one room school house fashion

10.  Can observe kids’ talents.  The day-to-day time spent together as a homeschooling family allows parents to observe budding talents and interests at an early age.


Homeschooling is Good for Families

11.  Kids learn what it means to serve out of love. It can be hard at times but also very rewarding and life-changing.

12.  Kids learn to care for one another.  Schooling family style necessarily means that everyone pitches in to help. This fosters a strong sense of love and care for one another.

13.  Can create our own schedules that work for our families. Homeschooling allows families to structure their days, weeks, and years to suit their own needs.

14.  Provides a safe learning environment.  With the increase in bullying, drugs and school shootings, homeschooling provides a safety for our kids to learn and grow.

15.  Relationships are stronger with parents resulting in parents being more influential than peers.

16.  Homeschooling means parents are available.  Parents can be ‘there’ for their kids when they need to talk.